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Registering Your GreyStone Connect Subscriber Account

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Now that you're scheduled for your installation, you can register for your GreyStone Connect subscriber account by following the following steps below:


  1. If you scheduled your installation online, you should receive an email similar to the one listed below. Remember, when you scheduled your installation, you set your password. Click the link in the email, enter your email address as your username and the password you set to activate your subscriber account.  


2. If you scheduled your installation with our Subscriber Support Representative, then you should receive an email like the one below. Please follow the instructions in the email to register your subscriber account. 

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3. Lastly, you can also register your account by visiting, click on "Pay Bill" and "Register for the first time".  You will be able to locate your account number in the appointment confirmation emails. You can also reach out to Subscriber Support! Lastly, remember to enter 0.00 for the "Last Bill Amount". 


Should you have any additional question, please contact Subscriber Support by emailing us at or by calling 770-370-2900.

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