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GreyStone Connect Package Add-Ons

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1. Safe & Secure Controls

Safe & Secure controls is an extensive set of controls that allow subscribers to easily create and enforce online rules for the users and devices on their home networks. It provides them peace of mind by protecting any children from inappropriate or harmful content.

In addition to that, Safe & Secure Controls is also a network-level security application that provides malicious website protection, anti-virus and anti-ransomware packet inspection, and intrusion detection. The service proactively monitors network traffic coming into the home, automatically blocking anything that looks suspicious.

The GreyStone Connect Safe & Secure Package is available only with Managed Wi-Fi. In summation, Safe & Secure Controls gives you the ability to:

  • Block/manage access to certain websites, content and applications
  • Enable protection against malicious websites in conjunction with anti-virus/ransomware packet protection (not a substitute for anti-virus/ransomware)
  • Proactively monitor network traffic coming into the home and block anything that looks suspicious

2. Extended Wi-Fi

Extended Wi-Fi is a device that expands the range, signal and quality of your in-home Wi-Fi to boost power and performance. Here are a few examples where the Extended Wi-Fi could be useful:

  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Outside Patios
  • Barns/Sheds/Remote Building
  • Large/Multi-level Homes

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